30 April 2017

Mother's Day Coupons

Mother's Day is just around the corner and we are going to spend next week getting our gifts for mom put together.  Pictures are always a favorite, so I'll be taking pictures this week of my little ones.  I found magnetic frames at The Dollar Tree, so they will be perfect for our cute pics.  I also wanted a little something extra for their moms, so I put together this little coupon book.  There are a total of 10 different coupons included.  There is also a page with blank coupons, so students can write in coupons of their own choosing.


 You can check them out in my TPT shop by clicking here.

I'd love to give away 3 sets for free to the first 3 readers that comment below, and please don't forget to leave your e-mail address. 

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23 April 2017

Mother's Day Bloom

Are you looking for a cute craft for Mother's Day?  This sweet bloom is sure to put a smile on mom's face and it's a FREEBIE on TPT.


The flower center flips up to reveal why they they have the best mom/mum.

I always have my students create mom portraits for Mother's Day.  They always turn out super adorable. What mommy doesn't love kid drawn art?

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14 April 2017

Easter Fun!

Happy Easter Weekend!!! I am certainly welcoming this 3 day weekend.  Yesterday was a super busy day in the classroom and we had so much fun!!!!  Our second graders don't traditionally do egg hunts in the classroom.  It is usually reserved for our kindergartners, but I decided to turn egg hunting into a math lesson.

I began with an egg for each student.  I simply put a NO Homework pass inside with some candies.  I also found some cute little bunny shaped crayons at Walmart that I included.   

Each egg had a math problem on the outside that students had to solve.  I used 2 digit subtraction problems in which the answers were my students numbers in the classroom.  So, basically each egg had an answer of 1-19.  I had them walk around with clipboards and scratch paper searching for eggs and solving the problems until they found the egg which resulted in their number.  I didn't really hide the eggs.  They were in plain view, but they had to go through several eggs to find their own.  It was a great activity, because they didn't have to rush around frantically searching for eggs.  They knew each one of them had their very own egg.  They just had to figure out which was theirs!

They were probably most excited that inside the egg was a no homework pass!!!  No homework passes seem to be a sure way to put a smile on their faces.  You can get them for free by clicking the image below.


We also did a little bit of Easter themed persuasive writing.  Their job was to persuade me that they would be the best choice for an Easter Bunny Assistant.  I read aloud the Easter Bunny's Assistant before they began writing, and that book is seriously adorable.

Here are a few of their writing pieces:

They created their own bunny for their cover using my Build-A-Bunny Patterns:

After writing, it was time for a yummy treat!

I also took pictures of all my second grade bunnies.  
Here's a picture of my favorite bunny, my Greysen!  I added their pics to a template that is included in the same resource as above.  I got the cute little bunny sunglasses at Walmart. 

Wishing everyone a safe and glorious Easter! God Bless!
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26 March 2017

Keepin' It Simple Money Review

I am going to keep this post short.  I have been sick in bed for the last 2 weeks.  I missed my entire Spring Break (BOO HOO) and then had to miss a week of work after Spring Break because I still hadn't recovered.  I can't remember the last time I've been this under the weather.   I'm going to have to blame it on Spring.  We have these beautiful oak trees in front of our home, but they have been dropping pollen for weeks and my asthma is just out of control on top of a sinus infection and pneumonia!  I got out of bed for the first time today and... jumped right on my computer.  I decided to put some finishing touches on a product I have gotten a lot of use out of already this year and really wanted to share with my teacher friends.


It doesn't have cute borders and graphics, but it does the trick for reviewing computation and coin collections.  I decided to keep these simplistic and leave off all the bells and whistles.  They have 10 problems per page.  The top five are computation problems with regrouping and the bottom 5 problems are coin collections.  There are a total of 20 pages included in the resource.  The half dollar is included on many of the pages.  They do NOT go over a dollar with the exception of about 4 problems.  The pages that contain these problems have a star in the upper right corner.

I do plan to add several more pages that do go over a dollar in the future.  Here is an example of one of the pages:
       Here is a breakdown of the types of computation problems included in the resource.
      * 5 pages have 2 Digit Addition w/Regrouping
      * 5 pages have 2 Digit Subtraction w/Regrouping
      * 5 pages have 2 Digit Addition and Subtraction w/Regrouping
      * 2 pages have 2 Digit Subtraction w/Reg. and 3 Digit Addition w/Reg.
      * 3 pages have 3 Digit Addition and Subtraction w/Regrouping

 Feel free to check it out in my store.  The link is HERE.

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25 February 2017

Doodle Bookmarks

It's hard to believe that March is nearly here.  It was definitely time for another blog post.  Yikes... the last time I blogged was about Christmas!  I have finally finished the doodle bookmarks that I started last year.  They are pretty cute and my students loved the Frankenstein ones I gave them at Halloween.  The Frankenstein version is a freebie in my shop.  I decided to create a new set with several new holiday designs.  They look super cute colored and I always laminate for durability.  Click the image below to check them out in my store.


They make adorable keepsakes for your students from the teacher.

I'd love to give 3 sets away for free to the first 3 readers that leave their e-mail below. 
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18 December 2016

Patchwork Christmas

Today it is in the 40's in Texas.  It is finally beginning to feel like Christmas!  We've had a very mild winter here in Texas, so we reallly welcomed this cooler weather with open arms!   Christmas is a week away and it is our little family tradition to make homemade Christmas ornaments.  We make a different one each year.  This year, the plan was to make a patchwork ball that I spotted on Pinterest.  Well, we ended up with a complete Pinterest fail.  After several attempts, we realized that the fabric was simply not going to stick to our Styrofoam balls.  What does a teacher mommy do when at first we don't succeed?  Well, we simply move on to Plan B.  Actually, we make up plan B on the spot!  So here goes plan B....

 Instead of using Styrofoam balls, we used cds, and it worked perfectly.  My little guy was able to create it all by himself .  He chose his fabric and just kept adding new layers of Mod Podge.

We let the pieces hang off the edge, and once it had dried, I trimmed around the cd with fabric scissors.  Them, we simply added ribbon and a few beads to the top to hang it.  I just used a glue gun to attach the ribbon.  I am glad that we ended up using the cd instead of the Styrofoam balls.  It made it super easy for him to sign his name on the back and date it.

My little elf had fun making a patchwork ornament for his grandma.  He made one for Santa too using Christmas wrapping paper instead of fabric.  I will be back with a picture of it once it dries.   If you are looking for a simple homemade ornament, this night be a perfect little craft for your own little elves.

You can make these adorable little elves by clicking here.
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24 October 2016

Buddy League

I am thrilled to be working along with H.E.B. to promote kindness within the classroom not just during the month of October, but the whole year through.  H.E.B. has launched a wonderful Buddy League Program to celebrate diversity and inclusion.  I received a lovely box of goodies from H.E.B. filled with resources designed to teach little ones about being a buddy and not a bully! 

H.E.B. included these brightly colored posters which served as a wonderful discussion starter in the classroom.  We had great conversations about what it means to be a buddy and my students loved sharing examples to go along with each of the posters. 

I've noticed a lot more teamwork in the classroom and my little ones are motivated more than ever to help each other out and be there for one another.  We also started sharing specific examples of students being a buddy to another child.

These stickers are the perfect way to  reward those wonderful acts of kindness in the classroom!

Cheyenne earned her Buddy League sticker today!

  We always talk about  mighty messages in the classroom, but it's neat for our students to see that businesses such as H.E.B. support and promote these very same messages.  

I would say it is super heroic of H.E.B to support education and educators!  Thanks a million for all of the wonderful programs you put together for our little ones.
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22 October 2016

Nonfiction Conventions

We just finished up learning about nonfiction conventions and it's always a favorite unit of mine.  I have taught it so many ways over the last 13 years, but this year I wanted something really simple and concise.  I created templates that could easily be placed within a reading journal, so they could be referred to throughout the entire school year.  We have on going conversations about text features and are constantly referring back to our conventions in all subject areas!  We are in the process of writing All About Books, and our text features have come in super handy.

You can check out the resource by clicking below:

There is also an assessment that can be used to assess your students' understanding of the conventions.  I usually hold off until they have had lots of opportunities to explore text features.  We practice finding them in class stories, text books, and especially their library books.  My students get super excited when they are able to locate the text features in their own  library books.  They also notice which text features are missing from their books.

Quizlet is also a great way to practice matching text features to their definitions.  I created a flashcard set using the definitions in this resource that is available to the public.


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