19 May 2020

Monster Awards

This school year is coming to an end and I am so sad that I will not be ending the year with the festivities, farewells and sweet hugs that I have always been accustomed to.  My little ones did an amazing job with their distance learning and a huge shout out to all the parents that became home school teachers on top of the million and one things they already do.  THANK YOU!!!!

I wanted to start by sharing a fantastic read aloud that helps young children understand exactly what a pandemic is.   My own son was struggling with missing school, family members, and friends, so I pulled out this sweet little book that a coworker recommended.  It was a perfect way to help him understand that other children feel exactly the same way he does.  It is a great story to share with any young child struggling to understand why things have changed.


It is hard to believe that this is my last full week with my Firsties.  We will not be able to hold our usual Awards Assemblies, or even send report cards as we would normally do, so I wanted to have a little something virtual for them.  In the past, I would send Monster Awards along with their report cards.   This year, I will send a virtual Monster Award to each of my students.  If you previously purchased these certificates, please re-download them HERE for the updated version.  The resource now contains full size certificates and they are editable.  


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