25 August 2012


Monday is the first day of school...yikes, I still have a million and one things to do to get ready.  But, am I doing anything productive this evening? Nope, not at all.  Instead of doing what's on my To-Do list,  I decided to beautify my clipboard.  I have one of those clipboards that have an inside compartment.  They are the greatest, because I'm always losing things from the front of the clipboard.  I don't think it's meant to hold the oodles of papers I try to clip on it. I added my name to the inside, so when I get distracted and leave it somewhere on campus, it will find its way home :) 


21 August 2012

Guided Reading Level Tags

I'm officially back to school!!! I was working in my room, and noticed a million things I still need to do.  I have bins... and bins... and bins of leveled books that came with our Reading Street adoption.  Last year, I had some handwritten tags that I'm just not lovin'. I created some that are more colorful to spruce up my not so cute bins.  They look plaid in the image below, but they actually have mini polka dots.  I'm also thinking that they would look super cute on a word wall, too. 

If you like them, grab them for FREE by clicking below

19 August 2012

Math Punch Cards

Awhile back, I posted my Reader Punch Cards.  I received a request from a teacher for the same type of punch cards for math facts.  What a great idea, Thanks Shana! I could definitely use them for addition and subtraction facts for my second graders. It's a great and simple way to track your students' mastery of their math facts.

I finished them up and I think they'll fit perfectly in the same pocket chart I'm using for my Reader Cards.
Here are the cards.  I'm going to print them on different colored card stock.  I like the brights.  I'm also going to use those cute hole punchers in the different shapes.  I found a star, flower, and heart.  I wanted the 12 to be extra special, so I'll probably use a sticker or stamp for that one, or you could even initial it.  You can get the Math Punch Cards at my Teachers Store for $1.00.


 If you missed my Reader Cards in my earlier post, you can check them out here.  
Click on the image below.

16 August 2012

Desk Name Tags

I thought I was finished with my summer projects for school when I realized that I hadn't bought any desk name tags.  I figured this late in the game, the pickings at the local school supply store are probably pretty thin.  So, this meant a new project for me!  If you're like me and you forgot name tags, then download some for free below.

It's a FREEBIE- Click below

15 August 2012

Classroom Door Sign

I'm really late for this Monday Made-It, but my toddler has been so sick with tonsillitis :(  It looks like the worst is finally behind us, so I was able to complete one last big project before school starts.  This is one of the first ideas I saw on Pinterest, and I'm excited that I finally have one for my classroom! I'm sure you have seen the door display that says- When you enter this classroom...you are ______ .  I tweaked it just a bit and this is what I came up with:

 If you like the sign and are interested in downloading it, I adjusted the top of the sign, so it could be used by anyone.  I had to adjust a few of the fonts because PDF wouldn't embed a few of them.  Click the image below for a free copy :)

This is the original pin.  It was uploaded by user, it didn't link to a blog.  
But it's a GREAT idea and it was the inspiration for mine.

Thanks Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for a great linky! Head on over to join the fun.

09 August 2012

Writing and illustrating Chart

Summer is nearly over! Yikes...where did it go so fast!!!  I was looking over my To-Do list and knew it was time to get some of these projects done.  I had been wanting to create a writing and illustrating chart for awhile.  When my students tell me they are done...my famous last words are always- Did you use your whole canvas?
They know this means-
Did they use all the lines? If not, then stretch that story out!
Did they color in all the white space?
The only white should be something meant to be white, like clouds or snow.

I knew I was going to have to create my own because it was really important to me that the paper was the same paper that we use in the classroom.  I left the picture black and white, so I could hand color the examples.  I wanted it to be really authentic, and for them to know exactly what I'm looking for.

If you are interested in this chart. You can find it at my Teachers Pay Teachers store for $2.00.  Click here to head on over to my store.

Here's how it turned out:

07 August 2012

Transportation Cards

It's Monday Made It time again, and almost time to head back to work!!!  So, with the 1st Day of school slowly starting to creep into my mind, I knew it was time for a new way of keeping track of how students get home after school.  I have a transportation chart that I have used for many years.  It just had all my students' names and then I mark the mode of transportation.  I keep it attached to a clipboard, but I wanted to have something more mobile that I can easily grab and take with me to my after school duty spot.  I also wanted something I could easily leave for a sub.  This is what I finally decided on:


There are 10 cards- walk, bike, car, bus, bike, daycare, Latchkey, Safe-Key, front door, and side door.  Our school's after school program is called Latckey, but there is a Safe-Key card included also.  I left blank lines, so I could just add my students' names with a permanent marker.  I'll also use the back to make any notes I need to make for any special circumstances.  The permanent marker will be easy to change if they move or their mode of transportation changes during the year.  You can check out this resource in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Click here to head to my store.

Now, I'm heading over to 4th Grade Frolics to check out all the great ideas!

01 August 2012

Star of the Day Chair and Birthday Freebie

I was super excited today, when UPS came a-knockin' at my door.  I ordered a special little seat for my Star of the Day.  I have a Star of the Day which is like my little assistant.  See my Star of the Day post here.  We spend a lot of the time at my carpet, and I wanted to have a special seat for just my Star of the Day.  I didn't want something that was going to take up a lot of space, I really needed something that could be stored easily.  I was on Pinterest one day and found...the PERFECT seat! Here's a picture of my cutie pie Greysen trying it out.  Actually I'm  not quite sure how I'm going to get it back from him.  It seems he's already staked his claim on it :)

The seat is actually a physical therapy exercise/balance cushion.  It's made by Isokinetics.  They have lots of fun colors! I got the neon orange. 

I also have a Birthday Freebie.  I wanted to have a card for my students on their special day.  I created this printable, and my plan is to have all my students sign the center of the card at the beginning of the year.  Then, I just need to run off copies.  I will probably only run off a small number of copies at a time, in case I need to add a name for a new student.  I'll add the birthday boy/girl's name on the line and sign it before giving it to them.  The song at the bottom is to a Christmas tune, but my second graders love it, promise :)

Click on the image for your freebie.