27 June 2014

Computer Choices

I've had this little project on my mind for quite awhile now, and I'm so glad I can finally check it off.   Never mind the fact that just as soon as I check something off, I usually add something new to the list.  That being said, I really love how this little project turned out. This colorful set of cards will hang right next to my student computers. I already have a command hook on each computer, so my cards will hang there perfectly.   I have 3 student computers, so I will most likely go back and make another 2 sets.  Not that my kiddos can't share, but I know it will eliminate a future dispute over someone holding onto the cards too long!

I plan on only including the sites I'd like my students to access.  I will most likely start with just a few.  When I introduce new sites, then I'll add them to the ring.  I have included editable backs for the cards, so usernames and passwords can be added.  There are a few sites that are free, but the teacher may have to register and set up a username before the class can access it.  I generally pick a username and password that I'm okay with my class knowing.

There are also a few sites like RAZ-Kids that require a subscription.  I absolutely LOVE Raz-Kids and would pay for it out of my own pocket if my campus no longer covered it.  It is fabulous for building reading comprehension.  I honestly can't say enough good things about it!  In the case of RAZ-Kids, I have 1 username and they all have their own passwords.  I will fill in the username, but just leave the password blank on the back of the card.

This resource contains many of my favorite sites, but I also reached out to my Instagram buddies for suggestions.  Thank you to everyone who shared their favorite sites.  I am super excited to explore some that are new to me.

Click the image below to download this FREEBIE.

PLEASE let me know what you think of this resource.  I hope you love it and will find it useful in your own classroom.


24 June 2014

FarFaria App

I wanted to share my absolute favorite app.  I didn't find out about it until the very end of the school  year, so I didn't get to use it in the classroom last year.  But, you can bet I will be using it next year.  It is called FarFaria.  Have you heard about it?

If not, you really must check it out.  I am always searching for great on-line literature, and it's really hard to find great books at an affordable price.  Let me show you a few screen shots to show why I am totally excited about this app.

This is the map of the app.  It gives children lots of choices. I love that it has a Preschool Playground Spot for little ones. Although my 4 year old always chooses the big boy books, as you'll see below.

The app allows you to save your favorites in a special little spot, which is awesome when you're on a car drive and away from the Wifi. You can play any of the books in your favorites without Wifi.

Yikes, I wonder if my little guy has a thing for scary monsters- check out the books he placed in his favorites!

There are so many ways to search for books.  You can search by most popular, newest additions, reading levels, or even title.  How great is that!!!  They even add 5 new books a week.  I think there are already over 600 books to choose from, which is pretty amazing!

 Below is a peek at the Genius Jungle.  Check out all the great nonfiction titles.

I'm  so excited to use this with my students next year.  I know my students will absolutely love it.  My campus is always asking us what apps we would like to have purchased.  This one is at the top of my list when we sit down to talk apps for next year!!!  To check it out further, you can click here. Hope you love this app as much as I do :)

15 June 2014

Cutie Bugs Clipart

My summer is definitely getting off to a great start!  I have had so much fun being home with my boys! I think I may have even gone 3 days without even turning on my computer.  But, I haven't been out of touch with technology completely.  I have definitely been staying in touch with my bloggy faves on Instagram.

One of my favorite things to do in the evening is pull out the truckload of chalk and get my art on with my little Greysen.  That's a whole lot of chalk!!!

Greysen is drawing a heart for mommy.  I decided to draw silly bugs.  This inspired my newest collection of clip art: Cutie Bugs.

You can check them out by clicking the image above.