03 November 2012

Sweet Elections

 *** This resource was updated (March 2014).  All the new pages are shown in the images below.

This upcoming week is election week.  I wanted a fun activity to get my class excited about elections and voting.  We just got finished voting on our favorite character pumpkins, so they are really excited about the voting process.



I still have candy on my mind after Halloween and all, so what better way to learn about elections that with candy.  We are going to have our very first M&M Election.  The recording forms are all open-ended so you can choose which M&M flavors you'd like to include.
I chose these 4 flavors-
Dark Chocolate
Candy Corn (Halloween Flavor I got on clearance)

Students will taste test each flavor and then record their observations/descriptions about that candidate... I mean flavor.

Then, they will create a campaign poster for their favorite candidate (yep.. I mean flavor).  They will draw a picture in the middle and around it they will cut/paste adjectives that describe their favorite M&M.  I plan to have my students share their posters and give mini speeches to try to persuade the class to choose their favorite M&M flavor. 

Next, students will get to cast their vote for their favorite candidate...I mean M&M.
Finally, votes will need to be counted and then students will graph the results.
And the winner is.... well, if it were up to me it would be dark chocolate.  But, we'll have to see what the verdict is next week. You can check this resource out by clicking here.

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