13 July 2013

FREEBIES...Tooth Fairy Clip Art and Tooth Tracker

So, in my last post I kinda said I was going to leave the clip art to the professionals.  Well, it looks like that turned out to be a fib.  I was looking over my mile long to-do list and saw I still needed a new tooth chart in my classroom.  So,  I decided to create my own clip art for my tooth chart.  But the good news is...you get to benefit from it, because the clip art I used is also a freebie. 
This is my newest set of clip art...
 Click the image to head to TPT for the freebie.

Below is the tooth chart I made for next year.  I plan to just attach it to a pretty clipboard and then whenever a student loses a tooth, they can add their name to the correct month.  You could also do tallies instead of names.  I just like to do names, because they like to look back at when they lost their teeth.  My last tooth chart was actually on the Smart Board, but it just didn't work out for me.  My Smart Board wasn't exactly reliable, and it seemed that every time we needed to add a name to the chart, the Smart Board wasn't working- uggg.  So, back to old fashioned pencil and paper for this job.  Losing teeth is a big deal, they are super proud of those little chompers.
 Click below for the freebie.

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