08 September 2013

Math Monsters

I have been so many things I want to share, but I keep forgetting to take pictures at school!!! So, for now I will share something I am really excited about using in my classroom.  Problem solving is a HUGE part of math instruction, and I wanted to create something similar to my Bloom's Buttons that I use during reading.  You can check out my Bloom's Buttons here.  These Monsters aren't exactly the same as the Bloom's Buttons, but they do contain thinking questions on a ring.
After I have my students work on a word problem, I will say it's time to get those monster minds moving...and we will choose a question.  I'll probably just fan them out and let a student pick a cutie monster.  I really hope these get them thinking deeper about the problem solving process.  These little guys should really get that math talk going! And, they match my new classroom monster theme :)

There are a total of 24 questions.  There are a couple questions that ask the same question using different terminology.  This is in order to build their math vocabulary.  For instance, Does your answer make sense?  Is your answer reasonable?

If you are interested in these monsters, you can head over to my TPT store by clicking here.  I'd love to give it to the first 2 people that comment for free, but please don't forget to leave your e-mail :)


  1. I just love your Bloom's Buttons and use them in my Guided Reading groups, as well as, during whole group lessons. What a great idea to make a set for Math! I would love to win these. If not, I will sure go and order them to help my students in problem solving.

    The Teacher's Jungle

  2. These would be great to use with my 2nd graders and help strengthen their problem solving skills.

  3. I really hope your students love them! I just sent them.
    Thanks a bunch :)

  4. I know I missed being one of the first two people... but I just had to comment on your AMAZING "Open-Ended, Higher Order Thinking Questions". This is such an important skill for the kiddos to develop and your question cards look great.

    Granny Goes to School

  5. Yay! These look SOOOO cute! I was just wondering how I could 'remember' to ask those super good questions all the time... You already did it! Thank you! Bummer I missed the first 2!