13 November 2013


I thought I'd share a couple of community activities we worked on a few weeks ago.  My students REALLY enjoyed learning about communities this year. Of all the exciting things we learn about, I never dreamed learning about communities would have been so popular.

We did an inferring activity with communities, which was a great way to integrate reading and social studies.  I am all about integrating whenever and wherever possible! 

 They provided the clues and their answers are written underneath the bottom flap.  You can get this template by clicking here.

For the activity above, I simply numbered them off and they worked on whichever community was associated with their number.  A few were sad that they didn't get their favorite type of community.  So, we followed up with this activity where they got the chance to illustrate all 3 communities.  


  1. Perfect! Thanks so much for sharing. I know my class will love it especially the riddles.

  2. Thank you for sharing!! These are GREAT activities!!