22 February 2014

Lucky Me Shamrock

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner and I wanted to share a little activity to honor this special day.  I am super excited about St. Patrick's Day this year!!!  Normally it falls during our spring break, so by the time we return it has already come and gone.  Our spring break is a week earlier this year, so YAY we get to really celebrate (minus the pinching of course)!

I created this shamrock fan booklet that I really hope my students will love.  I love how the cover page turned out.  My own little sweetie pie painted it for me with his watercolors.  He needed a little help from me to keep the center white (he's only 4).  I plan to have my students draw a self portrait in the center.   If you aren't a fan of watercolors, they could simply color the front with crayons or markers.   Click here to check it out at TPT.
On another note, I have a wonderful customer to thank.  He/she informed me via TPT that one of my paid items was being given away on another website.  This item is probably one of the ones I am most passionate about.  It is really one of my favorite classroom resources that I have created and my most popular.  I could hardly believe someone would give it away for free.  Low and behold I clicked the link and there it was offered as a freebie.  I think I may have quite breathing for a while... I was totally shocked.  But, on a good note, I contacted the owner of the site and they removed it promptly.  I was very gracious for this.
I really never wanted to have to include a long page at the end of my documents will all the different things that are prohibited.  But, I now get why bloggers must include this.  I do want to thank the wonderful customer who alerted me to this.  I tried to thank this person on TPT, but I accidentally hit delete and the original comment disappeared.  Yikes, my only way to reach this person disappeared before my eyes.  So, if that was you!!! A super huge thank you to you!!!!  It means the world to me that a follower would let me know that my work was being given away for free.
I would definitely like to pay this forward. As a huge thank you to all my totally terrific followers, I would like to give this Lucky Me Shamrock away for free for the first 20 people that leave a comment.  Please don't forget to leave your e-mail.
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  1. Love the booklet!

  2. Love following you and love this cute booklet!!

  3. I do all your craftivities! Not for anything, but you were one of my first people to follow on TpT! Just had to tell ya! LOVE!!!! Thanks for making this:)

  4. Cannot believe someone would do that to you! So glad someone alerted you to it.

    I would love this cute green shamrock...anything to stop thinking about this gray dreary winter!

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  5. The booklet is darling!

  6. This looks great! Thank you for this opportunity.

  7. Wow; I can't believe that happened! Thank you for your generosity in spite of that incident, and thanks for the cute products!


  8. OH wow! That is generous of you! Thank you!


  9. Glad someone was able to recognize your work! I love this St. Patrick's Day activity!

    1. Oops... forgot my email! SoCalScrapper@gmail.com

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  11. I love this activity! I did your sweetie birds for Valentines too :) You have the most darling activities! My 2nd Graders and I love it! mary.simon@okemosschools.net

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  13. I love your products and your positive attitude about what happened. Sounds like you handled it well. Thanks for the many many hours you devote to helping MY students learn and love it!! Oops, forgot to leave my email on the first comment!

  14. Thanks so much!! Teachers are some of the most helpful people!!

  15. I love your ideas. Thanks so much for sharing your goodness with other teachers.


  16. This is great! monikamlynarczyk8@gmail.com

  17. Just found your site here in Australia. Wonderful!