15 June 2014

Cutie Bugs Clipart

My summer is definitely getting off to a great start!  I have had so much fun being home with my boys! I think I may have even gone 3 days without even turning on my computer.  But, I haven't been out of touch with technology completely.  I have definitely been staying in touch with my bloggy faves on Instagram.

One of my favorite things to do in the evening is pull out the truckload of chalk and get my art on with my little Greysen.  That's a whole lot of chalk!!!

Greysen is drawing a heart for mommy.  I decided to draw silly bugs.  This inspired my newest collection of clip art: Cutie Bugs.

You can check them out by clicking the image above.  


  1. I followed you on TN! ahenry4443ah@gmail.com

  2. I am now following you on TN. Love your clip art! pupsgal@gmail.com

    1. Thanks so much and thank you for following my little store. The turtles cuties have been sent your way.
      :) Colleen