14 October 2014

Guided Reading Goodies and a Sight Word FREEBIE

I have really neglected my poor blog lately.   This school year has kept me extremely busy the last few months.  I really am going to try to stay better connected.  I'm definitely still working on projects even when I'm away from the blog for a bit.

I wanted to share a few of the new resources that I'm using in my reading block that I just couldn't live without.  Everyone that does Guided Reading knows that staying organized is essential, especially when you are trying to manage several reading groups.  Most years I have 5 groups, which is a good number.  This year I have 7 groups, which makes scheduling a bit more challenging.  Some days I'm begging for a free moment, so I can pull another group.

Over the summer, I decided to revamp my Balanced Literacy Binder.  Over the last eleven years, I can say I have tried about every form imaginable for keeping track of my guided reading group notes.  For a long time I loved using labels, but these labels would end up everywhere!  I never seemed to find the time to hunt for the correct page to stick it on.

The forms I'm now using are pictured and explained below.  They are working really well, and I'm beyond happy about that.

Here is a peek at what's included in my binder.  
Click here to check it out on TPT.


I also have another resource that I created this summer that I've fallen in love with.  It is just a simple ring of cards that lists a few reading behaviors to be on the look out for at each level.  It currently includes Fountas and Pinnell levels A-R.  I do have plans to add the remaining levels to the set in the future.


Now for a freebie!!! 
I created sight word cards based on the the first 300 Fry Words.  Our students are responsible for 50 words each six weeks, so each ring contains 50 words.  They make a great sight word station.  I generally have my students see how many they can read in one minute.  It's another great way to build fluency.

Simply click here to head to TPT to download all of the sets in one zip file..


  1. Love the sight word ring! And the guided reading is still something that stumps me. My mentor says, "You can't mess it up! Just keep the kids reading!" But as a first year teacher in Texas, I live and breathe for materials that will keep me afloat. Thank you for all you do and make!!!

    1. Hi Katherine,
      Thanks so much!!! You are so sweet! Guided Reading definitely gets easier the more you do it. Your mentor is exactly right, as long as you're reading with your students, you truly can't go wrong.
      Best of luck!

  2. Thank you for making these and for giving them as free! I will be using Guided Reading for the first time this year and am very nervous. These will come in very handy. I appreciate it!