07 June 2015

Father's Day FREEBIES

Yay, summer has arrived and I am beyond excited.  This was a very long school year for me.  Our district underwent a lot of change this year and with that came some growing pains.  I'm sure there will be a lot more changes on the horizon, but I plan to embrace those changes and continue doing what I love.   I especially loved all of my sweet second graders this year and am truly sad to part with them.

It took 11 hours to pack my room this year.  That's pretty crazy!!! Looks like I'm going to have to purge some of my stuff when I return in the Fall.  My hubby is convinced that I'm a hoarder.  He may have a point...perhaps I'm one of those hoarders in denial.  I guess he hasn't heard the saying one person's trash is another person's treasure.  I won't let him know, I was grabbing all the goodies being thrown out by my teacher friends.

 With summer finally here I have a list of a few things I plan to do...
1. Enjoy my FAMILY!
3. Blog...my blog has been seriously neglected over the last year!
4. Clean my house
5. Exercise (Maybe this should be higher on the list.)

Today, I tackled #3 on the list.  I worked on a few projects for Father's Day.  I even made some clip art.  I haven't done this since last summer.  I'm surprised I even remember how to do it!

The Daddy Clip Art is a FREEBIE in my TPT store.  Head over here to grab it.

I also made some  DAD Recipe Cards for Father's Day.  There are a few different versions.  You could put a picture on the left hand side or use the version with the frame and they could draw their daddy in the frame.  You can click the image below to get this FREEBIE.
I also made a coloring page for Father's Day.  Click the image below to download.  Did you notice I used my FREE Daddy Clip Art?


In honor of all these Father's Day printables, I have to share the wonderful daddy to my 2 boys.  I am truly blessed to have him in my life. 

I also want to share my own daddy.  Here he is with my oldest son.  As old as I get, my dad is still there for me come rain or shine.  Love you DAD!!!

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