31 December 2015

Christmas Monsters

It is the last day of December, so I figured I better post my Christmas Monsters before ringing in the new year.  We made these monster ornaments as parents gifts before the break.  I have a monster themed classroom, so I really wanted to stay with the monster theme.  I also wanted it to be something that they could completely make on their own.  Here is a look at one of our little monsters:

They were really simple and required minimal materials.  We used burlap for the face as well as an assortment of googly eyes.  The horns, mouth, and heart were all made using different sized ribbon.  I just used cardstock for the teeth.  Here is some of the burlap I used.  I actually just purchased the polka dot one on clearance, so I think it'll be a cute monster for next year.  I love the glittery gold polka dots!

I used a popsicle stick to reinforce the top.  They glued the horns on the popsicle stick first and then we attached the burlap on top.  The popsicle stick made it easy to attach the ribbon to hang it.  I also had them sign the back of the popsicle stick.

My students were so creative with their little monsters.  I love the diversity!

Here are a few of their monsters up close:

I attached the cute little monster poem below to the ornament and sent them to their new homes. 

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