18 December 2016

Patchwork Christmas

Today it is in the 40's in Texas.  It is finally beginning to feel like Christmas!  We've had a very mild winter here in Texas, so we reallly welcomed this cooler weather with open arms!   Christmas is a week away and it is our little family tradition to make homemade Christmas ornaments.  We make a different one each year.  This year, the plan was to make a patchwork ball that I spotted on Pinterest.  Well, we ended up with a complete Pinterest fail.  After several attempts, we realized that the fabric was simply not going to stick to our Styrofoam balls.  What does a teacher mommy do when at first we don't succeed?  Well, we simply move on to Plan B.  Actually, we make up plan B on the spot!  So here goes plan B....

 Instead of using Styrofoam balls, we used cds, and it worked perfectly.  My little guy was able to create it all by himself .  He chose his fabric and just kept adding new layers of Mod Podge.

We let the pieces hang off the edge, and once it had dried, I trimmed around the cd with fabric scissors.  Them, we simply added ribbon and a few beads to the top to hang it.  I just used a glue gun to attach the ribbon.  I am glad that we ended up using the cd instead of the Styrofoam balls.  It made it super easy for him to sign his name on the back and date it.

My little elf had fun making a patchwork ornament for his grandma.  He made one for Santa too using Christmas wrapping paper instead of fabric.  I will be back with a picture of it once it dries.   If you are looking for a simple homemade ornament, this night be a perfect little craft for your own little elves.

You can make these adorable little elves by clicking here.


  1. You are a talented person. This is cute. How many there are many beautiful and useful things you can do with your own hands!