02 July 2017

Reading Flip Booklets

Our district uses Reading Street as our Reading Adoption and there are some really fun stories included in the series.  A few class favorites are always Henry and Mudge and The Bremen Town Musicians.  I created a simple little flip booklet to go along with a few of these Reading Street stories. The Henry and Mudge flip booklet works great with any Henry and Mudge book.  The flip booklets focus on story elements and when put together, turn out super duper cute!  I simply staple the sides once they are completed.  They also make a great portfolio piece.  You can click the images below to check them out in my shop.




 I'd love to give a flip booklet to the first 3 people that comment below.  Simply leave your e-mail and choice of a flip booklet above  (Giveaway has ended).   Happy Summer!


  1. These look great. :) I'd gladly accept the Henry and Mudge flipbook.
    Christi :)

  2. Me,too ! I'd love Henry and Mudge. I am all about all things dog related !!
    Thanks ! Michelle Miller


  3. These look great! I love that the Henry and Mudge works for any book, I have quite a few that I plan to start on Henry and Mudge when we come back from break at the beginning of August!