18 November 2017

Kindness in the Classroom

Wow, quite a bit of time has passed since my last post.  Thanksgiving is near and I really wanted to take the time for a quick post about kindness and giving thanks.  My little group of second graders really is a sweet group, but I have a few that struggle to get along.  I wanted to show my little ones the importance of kindness and how kindness can be contagious.  I shared with them the heartwarming video, Kindness Boomerang on YouTube.  If you haven't already seen it, it is a MUST see.  We talked about ways we can send out positive boomerangs into the world. 
I also created bookmarks for each of my students.  I shared one reason I am thankful for each and every one of them.  I wanted to show them a little kindness and let them know that I am thankful for them and each for different reasons.

Then, I had them write a sweet message to another student in the classroom.  They drew numbers randomly.  This was a bit harder, because most of them got the name of someone who isn't necessarily their best friend.  They had to come up with a reason why they are thankful for that person.

They also drew a picture on the back.

I also wanted to share a wonderful infographic that was shared with me by Braman Honda Miami.  They started a digital community service project about simply being kind, and how little acts of kindness can help change the world for the better!  What a wonderful message!!!  With the holidays upon us it is the perfect time to spread a little or a lot of KINDNESS!  


  1. After perusing many resources in order to write my essay on bullying, I noticed an elephant in the room. Children do not come to school and decide that the time has come to start picking on people because there is something different about them, which we now refer to as bullying. They got this brilliant idea from somewhere before they came to school. Yes, I am talking about the parent(s), caretakers, nannies, siblings who also learn from the previously mentioned adults and others in the child's pre-schooling environment. For years, I have read about parents wanting to know why a school hasn't taught their child things such as discipline, manners, respect and work ethic. The answer is; It is not he school's job to do those things. It is the parents' job. "Make the punishment fit the crime" attitudes should only be espoused by those who understand child development and what children are actually capable of understanding and controlling at various ages, not those with badges, gavels or agendas. In Chicago, an 11 year old killed a 15 year old because a street gang told him to. Does anyone really think that 11 year old completely understood his actions or even death? Was he just trying to fit in with the kids in his environment? Are all those kids from homes with non-attending parents? These things need to be considered before deciding how to handle an issue that used to be a part of growing up and learning to handle oneself. America's hands-off, no spank attitude plays a role in this as well.