15 August 2012

Classroom Door Sign

I'm really late for this Monday Made-It, but my toddler has been so sick with tonsillitis :(  It looks like the worst is finally behind us, so I was able to complete one last big project before school starts.  This is one of the first ideas I saw on Pinterest, and I'm excited that I finally have one for my classroom! I'm sure you have seen the door display that says- When you enter this classroom...you are ______ .  I tweaked it just a bit and this is what I came up with:

 If you like the sign and are interested in downloading it, I adjusted the top of the sign, so it could be used by anyone.  I had to adjust a few of the fonts because PDF wouldn't embed a few of them.  Click the image below for a free copy :)

This is the original pin.  It was uploaded by user, it didn't link to a blog.  
But it's a GREAT idea and it was the inspiration for mine.

Thanks Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for a great linky! Head on over to join the fun.


  1. I love your door sign! Come over to my blog and enter my giveaway--you could win a laminator!
    I hope your little one gets well soon!


  2. So cute! I'm your newest follower. Found you off of Monday Made It!

    Rock and Teach

  3. I did the door sign that you found on Pinterest. Another blogger found it and made her own version which you can download.

    Here is the link to her blog. http://theinspiredclassroom.blogspot.kr/2012/03/you-are.html

    Kay (from Texas but teaching in South Korea)