19 August 2012

Math Punch Cards

Awhile back, I posted my Reader Punch Cards.  I received a request from a teacher for the same type of punch cards for math facts.  What a great idea, Thanks Shana! I could definitely use them for addition and subtraction facts for my second graders. It's a great and simple way to track your students' mastery of their math facts.

I finished them up and I think they'll fit perfectly in the same pocket chart I'm using for my Reader Cards.
Here are the cards.  I'm going to print them on different colored card stock.  I like the brights.  I'm also going to use those cute hole punchers in the different shapes.  I found a star, flower, and heart.  I wanted the 12 to be extra special, so I'll probably use a sticker or stamp for that one, or you could even initial it.  You can get the Math Punch Cards at my Teachers Store for $1.00.


 If you missed my Reader Cards in my earlier post, you can check them out here.  
Click on the image below.

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