17 April 2013

Parts of Speech Posters

I finally created Parts of Speech Posters and I'm in love with them.  Actually it's probably just all the bright, pop out colors.   My room seriously has no theme except for colors, colors, colors everywhere.  I'm talking brights, neons, polka dots, shimmery, chevron, etc.  You name it, I probably have it, with the exception of pastels.  I'm not really a pastel kind of girl.

I wanted to create posters that would also serve as a mini word bank of words for each of the parts of speech.  My students really like to read around the room.  They truly do use all the resources I have on my walls, especially when they need a reminder of something they have already learned, or they are looking for a word to use in their writing or on an assignment, or if they are looking for the correct spelling of a word.
Here are the posters I came up with:
There are 8 posters and a page that contains all of them on one page.  I like to display the one pager on my Smart Board, so I can zoom in when I need to.  As you can see from the pictures below, I have the posters hung right above my Smart Board.

I also have this little guy hung on my front board.  We call him Mr. P  (I 'm not so sure our kiddos nowadays know who Mr. T is.  I'm thinking that connection probably goes right over many of their heads). If we are working on a language assignment or simply reading a story, I will often ask which P is being used in the sentence.   It is a simple little reminder of  some of the different language skills we have already learned.  My students really have mastered the P's as a result of this little guy.   It only took me a matter of minutes to make Mr. P, and we refer to him all the time!!!

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