16 June 2013

Math Fact Practice and Punch Cards

I created punch cards to use along with my math fact drills last summer.  But, I quickly realized that I didn't like any of the drills that I had saved over the years.  I wanted something to go along with the punch cards that I had created- I needed drills for 0's, 1's, 2's, etc.  All the drills I had were either mixed drills or had too many problems for students to reasonably finish in a minute.  I knew I was going to have to make something that would work perfectly with my punch cards.

Below are the punch cards. One for each of the operations. 

I titled the pages- A Minute to Win it, because in order to win a punch, they must get a 100% in less than a minute.  I'm not a drill kinda teacher, but  my students really loved doing them! They were begging me during the day for opportunities to retest on whatever number they were trying to earn.  How could I resist that?

 Below are examples of the Minute To Win It pages for each operation:

Each of the Minute to Win It pages are half pages with 21 problems.  Research says that students should be able to accurately solve 25 problems in under a minute, so I gave them some leeway and went with 21 problems.  The division pages are the only ones that have 20 problems.  Some of the multiplication and division are trickier, so they may need more than a minute, especially when they're doing their 11's and 12's.

I also made 3 Mixed Reviews for each of the operations.  I thought they would make great reviews or even possible quizzes.

Even though I named them punch cards, I didn't actually use them as punch cards.  I decided to go simple last year, and simply had them glue them in their math journals.  I just initialed each time they completed a number.  This worked out great because I didn't have to worry about lost punch cards.

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* If you already have drills that you like, you can also get the punch cards only in my TPT store.