29 June 2013

Mighty Messages

I have a to-do list a mile long, and summer just seems to be flyin' by.  I can finally check something else off of my list-YAY.  I finished up my mighty message posters and I think they will be just what I needed.  We talk about story theme all year in the classroom, so these posters will get a whole lot of use.   These posters have "I Can . . . Statements, so students can really take ownership of these messages/themes and connect them to their own lives.  I also think it will definitely help with behavior in the classroom.  If a student is not sharing, I can remind them of the mighty message, and have them go take a looksy at our chart.


There are also recording pages included, 
so students can record all the books they read under the correct theme. 
 I plan to introduce each of the mighty messages the first couple of weeks of school to set the stage for a positive classroom climate.  They will write about a time they demonstrated each of the mighty messages in their own lives.

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