22 December 2013

Christmas Fun

We made it...and now some time for rest and relaxation.  Just kidding, no time to rest here! I still have sooo much Christmas shopping to do.
I thought I'd share just a few activities from our last week.

We did these little reindeer activities.  They are a part of my Writing Piece of the Month Unit.  I save each of the pieces thy complete, and bind them at the end of the year to create their Writing Portfolios.

We also did this sweet little gift activity.  It's a bit like secret Santa.  They each drew a random number.  The numbers corresponded to their class numbers.  They wrote a sweet little note to the person they secretly got.  On the last day, I passed them out and they got to read the nice messages they received from a classmate.  They really enjoyed getting a special message hand written and illustrated just for them by a friend.  You can get this in my Dear Santa...Santa Craftivity set.  If you already purchased this set, please re-download it for this Friendship Gift Printable.

Here are a few:

We made these snowman ornaments this year as parent gifts. They came out really cute!  I had a whole stack of old CD's, what a great way to recycle.

I got the original idea from Jackie at Happy Hooligans and fell in love with her little snowmen right away.  I just changed the nose a bit and went a little overboard with glitter.  But, I really love how they all turned out.  I wish I had taken a picture of all of them!!!


  1. What an absolute cute idea!! Love all the glitter and the picture idea on the back!
    Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. How did you fill in the hole on the snowman cds?

  3. I made the nose large enough, so it would cover up the hole.
    :) Colleen

  4. Did you spray paint white and then add glitter?

    1. Yes, we painted them white first and then added the glitter.
      :) Colleen