08 March 2014

Tall Tale Freebies

Spring Break is finally here and I am looking forward to some much needed R&R.  My class learned all about Tall Tales before the break and I'm so glad they enjoyed them.  It was a nice change of pace from our basal stories.  I wanted to share a little of what they worked on.

We created a poster for each of the tall tale characters we learned about.  Here is a list of the characters we covered.
* Pecos Bill
* Slue-Foot Sue
* Paul Bunyan
* Davy Crockett

I had my students work in groups to complete  the pages that made up our class posters.  Anytime I can get them working together in groups, I go for it.  I love to see them problem solving and working cooperatively.

Here are their posters:

You can get the templates by clicking the image below.  I am not able to include the title page for each poster because the images are copyrighted.  However, they are all coloring pages available for free on-line.  I just did a google search for each tall tale character.   I simply added my own title for each one. Click the image below for the free download of the other pages. 


I f you are wondering where I get the stories for this unit.  Please check out my post from last year by clicking here.   You will find a few other Tall Tale activities along with  a couple of free downloads.  You can also click the image below to head there:


This year, I also bought Hope King's Tall Tale unit.  I absolutely LOVED all of her activities. This little guy is from her unit.  I decided to create a summarizing page to go in the middle of her adorable Pecos Bill!

This poster is also from Hope's unit.  One of my teacher buddies had the idea of using a bandana to tie the posters together.  Love how it turned out!

We ended our week with a Tall Tale graph.  It was the perfect way to integrate literacy and math.


Click above to grab this freebie.  I also use this same template to create graphs for a lot of our different read alouds throughout the year.

It looks like our Texas cold weather may behind us.  It's starting to feel more like spring around here.   I LOVE that our Texas bluebonnets have started blooming.  I found this lovely little flower in my mom's front yard.


  1. Love the way the papers look when you hung all six together! Seeing your students' drawings reminds me I must work harder on getting them to color the entire picture! Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. I will miss the bluebonnets this year! But at least I get cherry blossoms here in Korea!

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