05 July 2014

Plenty of Parts of Speech

I can't believe how fast summer is flying by.  While my hubby has been working hard in this Texas heat to build a playground set for Greysen,  I have been inside (where it's cool) working on a few school projects I had for this summer.  I'm trying to get them done sooner rather than later,  because we have a big bathroom remodel we just started that is going to keep me SUPER busy.

I am happy to say, I can cross this project off my list.  I finally uploaded it to TPT and I'm super excited to use it next year.
This resource is designed to help students identify the different parts of speech. The cards can be laminated and placed on a (large) ring.  The cards can be used as a quick review throughout the day.  It is also a great way to practice on the go.  You could take them with you and even do a quick practice while waiting in the hallway.  It's a great way to seize a down time and make it a fun instructional moment.

I have been using this idea for years, I just finally decided to make my cards fancy.  Up until now, I have been using handwritten cards written on sentence strips.  When you're putting together the ring, make sure you mix up the cards really well.  Then,  you can turn them over and have a student randomly choose a card.  You could also just pick a card yourself.  The student has to give the correct part of speech.  If they choose a card that has the name of a part of speech, then they must come up with their own word for that part of speech.  If they get it correct, then they write the part of speech on the class game board.  I also usually have a small reward for them like a sticker, stamp, or eraser.
If a person is able to get the 3rd part of speech in a row, Then I usually give that student a larger reward like a pencil, homework pass, etc.  Once the class completes the entire game board, then I generally have a class reward.  I like to do a Go Noodle break for the class reward.  I like to stop and practice several times throughout the day.  They really enjoy playing, and are usually the ones to remind me that it's time to play.  I usually start the year with all the parts of speech on the ring, but you could add them as they are introduced in class.
This review page is also included, so students can refer to it throughout the year.  They  will probably only need to refer to it in the beginning.  They will soon be little parts of speech experts.

If you are interested in this resource, please check it out in my TPT store by clicking HERE or by clicking the image below.


AS always, I'd love to give this away for free to the first 3 people that leave a comment.  Please don't forget to leave me your e-mail.


  1. I am absolutely in love with these!! I think it's a fun way to keep students interested in the different parts of speech and the colors are so inviting!!

  2. Your parts of speech cards are gorgeous! And since our reading series moves so slowly through parts of speech (we do nouns for 97% of the year!) I really need resources where the students can practice all the parts of speech!

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  3. These look great! mysecondgradejournal@gmail.com

  4. These are awesome! docketta@yahoo.com

  5. Thanks a bunch for the sweet comments!!!
    :) Colleen

  6. Your parts of speech cards are so cute and I think the kiddos would learn SO much from them!! If you are still giving away a freebie I would love to get a copy, fabulous!! burnett.kelsey@gmail.com