05 June 2012

My Obsessions Linky

I am all about Linky Parties lately.  Now that summer is here, I finally have more time to check out all the fantastic blogs that are out there.  I am super excited that there are so many great Linky parties going on right now!   I decided to link up with Bonnie at Living a Wonderful Life for her Obsessions Linky.  What a fun idea!!!
So...here it goes, a few of my current obsessions:

1. Pinterest- I love it, but I think it's time for an intervention. When you're on Pinterest at 5 am, I think it's safe to call it an obsession.  What can I say....Pinterest is fantastic!

2. Real Houswives (of everywhere)- Yep, I DVR all of them. I was telling my husband a story about  two of the housewives, when I realized he thought I was talking about people I really know.   Nope... honey, I don't actually know them, but I sure know a lot about them!

3. So You Think You Can Dance- It's back :) I love this show!!! I'm not a dancer, but after watching an episode, I sure wish I was. 

4. Picture Books- So maybe I should have been a librarian, because books are overtaking my classroom and house!  I could really use a card catalog to keep track of all my books.  Did I just say card catalog...I must be getting old because my teenage son didn't have a clue what I was talking about!  I suppose I could find a great idea on Pinterest for keeping track of all my books  :) . I actually think I may have pinned something that does just that.

5. Apple- I don't mean the fruit. I'm thinking more along the lines of my go to gadgets- I Phone, I Pad, and I Pod.  What did we ever do without these things!!!


  1. I LOVE Pinterest! It's hard to remember life before Pinterest. It definitely was not as exciting! :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. I like to think I know the Real Housewives personally :) I too talk about their drama with my hubby...HA! I also ALWAYS check pinterest before work...you have to stay on top of all the great pins! Thanks so much for linking up...I'm your newest follower!

    Living A Wonderful Life

  3. Have you tried booksource? You can use your iPhone or Android to scan the books in! It's FREE!

  4. Brooke, thanks for the great idea! I checked out Booksource and it's the perfect solution to my problem.