12 June 2012

Rockin' Resources Linky

So... it's time for another linky party.  This time it's with Kelley from Teacher Idea Factory.  This linky is all about things you can't live without.   There are so many things I can't live without, but I'll narrow it down to just a few.
Here it goes...
1. Double Stick Tape Rollers- There's nothing worse than creating a great resource and then you start gluing the pieces together and the pages warp or don't stick at all :(   Problem solved with these! I used to be able to get them everywhere and now they aren't quite as easy to find, and not as inexpensive as they used to be.  But, nevertheless they top my list.

 2. Personal Laminator- I LOVE my laminator.  I had a smaller one, but this is my new larger one and I can't say enough positive things about it.  It heats up in just a minute and works like a gem every time.  I also get my lamination at Sam's Club and you can't beat the price- $20 for 200 sheets. I can make it through a whole year with one box. Ok- I feel like a commercial now, I better stop!

3. Reading with Meaning by Debbie Miller- If you haven't read it, it is a must read for this summer.  These comprehension strategies are at the heart of my reading instruction. I absolutely LOVE this book and all the strategies!  I could go on and on about the book, but I'll let you read it for yourself.  There's nothing better than hearing your kiddos say, I used my schema to answer that question or I made a text to self connection when I read that poem.  This is an anchor chart we created when we discussed visualization, which is a chapter in her book.  I read a poem about grandmas and they drew their mental images.


  1. Thanks oh-so much for joining the PAR-TAY! Those double-sided tape dispensers are amazing - didn't know they even existed. I am so getting myself one of those babies (maybe two or three . . . hehehehe). Thanks again for the ideas!!

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  2. I have the same laminator and am in LOVE with it! I also just got that particular Debbie Diller book and can't wait to start reading it! I'm going to her Summer Institute in July!

    Sweet Seconds

  3. Brittany, I am super jealous! I would absolutely love to meet her. It's going to go on my bucket list for next summer!!!

  4. What laminator do you have? I'm in the market for one and yours seems to be a hit!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  5. Hi Sara, I got mine at Office Depot. The model is GBC H320. I'm always in a rush, and this one heats up in just 1 min, It really is a fabulous laminator.