08 September 2012

Classroom Pics

I've been meaning to post pics of my classroom, and I'm finally doing it.  I always get a lot of questions about where I get my colorful furniture.  We have a teacher on my campus whose husband creates fabulous furniture.  He  not only constructs all of the pieces himself, but also does all of the painting!!!  For the last 9 years, Ive been adding a new piece every year and now my classroom is a work of art!

Word Wall- The blue background is actually felt. It
makes adding words super easy.  I just add velcro and I'm good to go.

 Station activities are housed on this colorful shelf.

 Student Cubbies- I sort all their graded work for the week, 
as well as notes going home in these cubbies. 

 The next 3 are pictures of my classroom library or Book Nook, as we call it.

 He did  a fabulous job on my big book holder.  I love it!!!
 Big Books are so large and bulky, this was the perfect fix.

 Another colorful bookshelf filled with math manipulatives 
and leveled readers on the top.

 This was my lovely pregnancy chair from a few years ago.  Got me off my feet, 
but thankfully I didn't fall off the thing.  It's awfully high! 
Now, the mini bench below my Smartboard is the perfect size for my students.

 My new chair pockets- my mom made me a new set this summer and I LOVE them. 
We used a heavier fabric this time (duck cloth) and they should last a very long time.

 This is my newest piece of furniture.  I am lovin' it! It's a perfect way to stay organized.

 How may of you remember seeing the gumball machine on pinterest used as an eraser dispenser?  Well, I ordered one on Amazon and the thing just about made me crazy.  My erasers either wouldn't come out, or a bunch would come out all at once.  I got so fed up, I tossed the thing! This is what I came up with instead and it's not driving me nuts, so that's a good thing :) It's just a simple cookie jar from Sam's Club. 

  Listening Center on Wheels

 Love this table, but ignore the ugly trash can next to it-
 now you can see why I'm not a photographer.

 This may be my favorite piece.  The paint job is gorgeous.  My original intentions were to use it as an overhead cart (it's on wheels).  My overhead is on a table now, but I love that it's mobile and could be used in so many ways.

Teacher bookshelf- all my teaching resources. 
I don't have a desk, so this is where I store my teacher stuff.

 We made these flowers on the first day of school.  I read the book, Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert, and we talked about how over the course of the year they will bloom like the flowers in Ehlert's book.  They make a cute display for Open House and they brighten my room for sure!


  1. Your classroom is beautiful. I love the furniture. What a talented craftsman!

  2. I love the idea of custom furniture. How great for you, to have a person to make that for you. Also, I love your chair pockets!


  3. looks great...I love the felt and velcro--no more annoying staples or tape!

    Thanks for sharing :)
    The First Grade Derby

  4. Love your blog! Thanks for all the great ideas! If you get a chance hop over and check out my blog, http://funinsecondgrade.blogspot.com/ . ~Diane

  5. So many neat ideas! I just love it. I showed my husband a picture of your big book holder....he has agreed to make one but was asking me if I knew any dimensions. Do you have any idea? Thanks so much!!

  6. Thanks so much! I will be back in my classroom this Wed., and I can definitely get those dimensions for you. I absolutely love mine!