25 September 2012

Reading and Math Strategies

I've been away from work for almost 2 weeks with Greysen.  He has almost healed from his tonsillectomy and thank goodness our days in the hospital are behind us.  I go back to work tomorrow and I know that it will be a hard transition for him, especially because he still has pain from surgery.  He's napping now, so thought I'd post something I had been meaning to post for awhile now. 

I saw a Reading strategy anchor chart on Pinterest awhile back.  She used the acronym- UNREAL to teach students her reading strategy steps.  Check hers out here.  It only linked to an image, so I'm not quite sure of where it originated.  I liked it and thought it could be modified a bit for my own classroom/grade level. My grade level preferred to go with the acronym REAL with a couple extra R's at the beginning instead of UNREAL.   This is what I finally came up with.
 I'm going to have my students keep it in their Daily Folders along with their  Math strategies (see below).  You can get both at my Teachers Pay Teachers store for free. Simply click on the images to head to my teacher store.

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  1. I really like your reading and math strategy charts... great idea to have them kept in their Daily Folders.

    Granny Goes to School