29 September 2012

Library Log

Recently, I have been all about updating my classroom forms.  I needed a library log for my students to record the books that they are checking out from the library.  I put a check mark in the last column if they complete a book blurb on that library book.  We use book blurbs, because we no longer have the AR program on our campus.  But if you are using AR, you could just check off that they are taking their tests.  The Book Blurb is simply a mini book report.  They can use the same form for both fiction and nonfiction.  The images below show how they are used in the classroom.  I posted about my book blurbs in an earlier post, but you can get this form along with my Book Bucks at my Teacher Store by clicking here.  The library Log is free of course. Simply click on the image.

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  1. I love those Book Blurbs- they are fabulous!
    Hope you have a chance to visit my blog sometime this week.
    Granny Goes to School