17 February 2013

Punctuation Posters-Polka Dot Pizazz

Language and grammar are a huge part of my daily instruction, and my students really refer to my punctuation posters a whole lot!   I was looking at the set on my wall awhile back,  and noticed they were extremely worn and tattered.  I'm sure you can relate to those posters with the lamination peeling off, and staple holes everywhere!!!  I think they were one of the first poster sets I bought when I was a newbie teacher looking for things to hang on the walls in my very first classroom.

I knew it was time to update!!! I seem to have a polka dot theme going on, so it was my natural first choice.
There are a total of 10 Posters.  
Included are:
Period, Question Mark, Exclamation Mark, Comma, Apostrophe, Quotation Marks, Hyphen, Parenthesis, Semicolon, and Colon.

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