02 February 2013

Story Snapshot

A FREEBIE for today...
My second graders keep a reading journal.  I have them do a variety of activities that correspond to our story for the week.  My favorite activity is the Story Snapshot.  It consists of a half page that they can glue into a reading journal (spiral).  I love it because it's a quick snapshot of the story, and my students can complete it fairly quickly.  You can click on the Story snapshot image below to get it FREE at my TPT store.  The adorable border for this activity is from Hello Literacy. 


In the the center of the ice-cream scoop, I have my students write the skill and/or strategy that we are focusing on this particular week.  Then, they color it to match the scoops I have on my Scoop on Comprehension Ice-Cream Cone.   If you haven't checked out my Scoop on Comprehension Cone, you can see the original post by clicking on the image below.  It is my favorite visual in the classroom.  I definitely use it more than anything else! I am constantly referring to it, and if I'm not, then my students are. 

Comprehension is super sweet in our classroom :)


  1. Colleen,
    I love a rich lather of comprehension strategies posted throughout the classroom. Your ice cream scoops sure hit the spot! Thank you for sharing your snapshot freebie with me!