09 February 2013

Writing Clips

I really needed a new way to get my students to fix up their writing.  We talk about transition words from the start of the year and even have a list in our writing folders, but I wanted to be sure they were actually being used in their writing.  I decided to make clips for the most common transition words we use.  I also made a set of clips that listed alternatives for the word-said.  These clips have been a huge hit in the classroom.  My students simply grab a clip, use it to spell the word(s) correctly, and then return the clip to the ribbon.

It also gives them the chance to get up and move a bit, which is perfectly fine with me, if it means they are improving their writing in the process.  I love watching them get up to look for just the right clip for their writing piece.

They were a cinch to make, too.  I only needed ribbon, clothespins, and binder clips, which I already had at home.
I have the labels attached.  They aren't the cutest, but they get the job done!


  1. Amazing! I love this idea. I will be making some ;). I do this with popsicle sticks but clips are even better.
    Thanks for the wonderful idea.

  2. I like to get my kids up and moving. Great!