24 March 2013

Build a Bunny

So, I had a crazy idea! I was looking at my toddler's Build-a-Bear on the floor,
 and decided I was going to make a Build-a Bunny Craftivity.  

I'm not sure yet if I'm going to display the bunnies on a bulletin board, or maybe place them on the cover of a large piece of construction paper with the Easter eggs, character traits page, and writing piece on the inside.  I really think it would make a great addition to the writing portfolios we put together at the end of the year.  

Here is a picture of the bunny I made:

They won't all be exactly the same, so they would make a cute bulletin board display.  I'm sure a few of my kiddos will have grey and brown bunnies.  There is a blank egg pattern, so they can decorate it however they like.

The idea of the mini-unit is for students to imagine that the Easter Bunny is retiring and they are looking for a new bunny to fill his shoes.  They will have to persuade the current Easter Bunny to choose them.  They will use this page to list the 3 reasons why they should be chosen.

Then, students will introduce themselves as the new Easter Bunny with this little handout.  They will draw themselves as the Easter Bunny and write describing words/character traits to describe a good Easter Bunny.  *** I decided to return to this post to add some examples from my classroom, instead of the example I had originally posted (the bunny I drew was a little scary looking).
These are much cuter!

There is also writing paper for students to write what their first day as the Easter Bunny might be like.  What might their first adventure be like?  I also love to read Jan Brett's Book, The Easter Egg.  It's a great read aloud for Easter!

You can get this at my TPT store and hope you have a Happy Easter!!!!

Check out their adorable bunnies- all very unique!


  1. I just wanted to let you know that I gave your Blooms Buttons product a shout out on my facebook page! I plan on purchase them very soon :) Great product!



  2. Thank YOU!!!! They really have been a hit with my kiddos. They are begging for button breaks. Gotta love it :)
    Thanks a bunch for the shout out.