02 March 2013

Texas Sized Fractured Fairy Tales

The Stars at Night,
Are Big and Bright,
Deep in the Heart of Texas.

I guess you could say, I have Texas on my mind!!! Well... next week is Texas Public Schools' Week, and I absolutely love teaching the Texas Sized Fairy Tale Unit that we teach during this time of year.   I am completely obsessed with fairy tales with a Texas Twist.   

It is almost my blogs 1 year anniversary, and my very first post was about this very same topic.  I had planned to put the project together for my TPT store, and it finally happened a year later! Yikes, time flies!!!

These are the fractured tales and original tales I use to teach this unit:

You don't have to live in Texas to enjoy these fun fill fractured tales.  They would also be a great addition to a western themed unit.   I will definitely be back to post pictures of student work.

Okay, I'm back...with pictures


This is the fun sequencing activity we did with Waynetta and the Cornstalk.  I love how some of them drew giant feet at the top of the cornstalk to look like they belong to a giant:

And finally, a page for them to write about their favorite Fractured Fairytale:

1 comment:

  1. Texas sized fairy tales... this looks like so much fun to teach. I bet the kiddos LOVE this unit!
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