12 May 2013

Characters are Super

I wanted to create a set of activities that could be used over and over again throughout the school year, but with a different story each time.  We have a new story for the week each week,  and we do a variety of activities to target the particular skills and strategies that we are teaching during that particular week.  Our district uses Scott Foresman's Reading Street and there are a lot of fun and informative stories within the adoption.  I wanted to have a set of printables focused on character lessons that I could pick and choose from each week.  I wanted to keep it interesting so there are 12 variations to choose from.

Here are a few examples from the set:
The title is not printed on the black line, so you can use a book of choice.

This one focuses on problem and solution.  Their pictures always turn out super cute and they get a lot of oohs and ahhs hanging in the hallway. 

I used the 2 pages below together.  We talked about positive character traits and then completed the Super Character page.  There is also a blank ABC page, so you could come up with your own character traits, if you wanted.

The printable below was one of my favorites.
It really got them hunting through their books for the best details. 


 Here are a few of the pages that I didn't save class examples of:
On the page below, they must choose the best character trait to describe their character.  Then, explain why they chose that trait.  I use this along with the ABC's of Super Characters that was pictured above.

 Letter Writing...

 Venn Diagrams, OH MY!

 You can check out this product at Teacher Pay Teachers by clicking the image below:


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  1. Thanks so much for posting this. I feel like there are lots of things to do in Katy, TX. These are some great ideas to add to my list!