27 May 2013

Portfolio Cover Pages

Just a quick post to share a couple freebies.  The last week of school for our students is here.  I always wrap up this last week by putting together our yearly Writing Portfolios and also our 2nd Grade Portfolios.  Their  2nd Grade Portfolios contain work samples from the entire school year.  I've tried lots of different methods of storing their portfolio work.  My favorite is to slide it all into a large 2 gallon ziploc bag.  It fits nicely, and it gets home safely.  I used to use large sheets of construction paper stapled together to make a large carrier. They looked great, but they ended up losing half of their work as they traveled down the hallway.  This year, I'm going to run the cover page on bright colored cardstock, so it can be seen through the front of the bag.  My teacher buddy had that idea and I loved it.

If you are a Kinder-5th grade teacher, and in need of Portfolio covers, you can get them below for free. 

Update: I also added a page that says scrapbook instead of portfolio.  I like to include art pieces that go with some of their writing, and once I tied them together with twine, they really looked like scrapbooks.

These are my portfolios from last year:

Here are my portfolios from this year.  I stayed simple this year.  I went ahead and skipped the ribbon, but I still think they turned out great.  My students were very proud of them.


  1. Love these... very cute. What font(s) did you use? I would love to make some for my 3rd graders next year.

  2. I can add a set for third grade. I will add it to my weekend to-do list :)

  3. The idea is really cool and amazing! I love the simple and fun design of it! Keep it up! I believe you 2nd graders will enjoy bringing it anywhere anytime. Hope to see more of your unique and colorful ideas. Would you mind if I share it with my cousin? Thanks in advance!

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  4. Replies
    1. I added Kindergarten to the file. Hope they work out for you.
      :) Colleen