05 May 2013

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner and I knew it was time to start thinking about a project for my class.  Last year, I made magnets out of baby food lids, but since Greysen no longer eats baby food, that project had to be retired.  I started by creating this little one pager, for students to color.  Simply fold it in half and have students write a sweet message for mom on the inside.  If you're interested, it's yours by clicking below.

Now, for the project. . . I found a super cute project by ModgePodge Rocks using handprints and canvas, and knew I just had to do it.  I decided to go with ceramic tiles instead.  Canvas for the whole class sounded way too pricey, but ceramic tiles I can do.   This is a scaled down version (I used a smaller tile), I just wanted to try it at home with Greysen before attempting it with 22 second graders.  I could only find a little tile left over from my kitchen remodel, so you can see Greysen's little fingers wrap around the side of the tile.  This tile is a 4x4 inch.

 The project was pretty simple, so today I was off to buy a class set of larger ceramic tiles.    I went with 6x6 inch shiny, white tiles. They were only 48 cents each.  I shouldn't have any hands larger than this!

All I needed for this project was scrapbook paper, heart template (see below), 6x6 inch tiles, and Mod Podge. You can download the heart template I used by clicking the image below:
I will definitely be back to post pictures of the tiles my students make.  I'm sure they will be treasured by moms. . . that's if the project goes as smoothly as it did with Greysen.   Fingers Crossed.

I'm back...
The project was super easy and they turned out great.

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