14 May 2013

Weather Themed Behavior Clip Chart

I must seem cuckoo for changing my behavior system the last 3 weeks of school, but golly it seems to have worked out in my favor.  This is that time of year when spring summer fever hits, and our classes really start to get stir crazy, it seems like this clip chart change was just what my class needed.  My kiddos really like our new clip chart and are trying so hard to get to that pot of gold at the very top.  My previous behavior system was very similar, but I used a painted yardstick and green was at the very top.  They could only go downward and not up, which just wasn't working for me any longer.  My kiddos that work so hard and set good examples really needed to be acknowledged for their great behavior.

Why the weather theme??? Well, I've had weather on my mind lately, most likely because Texas has been having really crazy weather these last few weeks.  I think one day last week it was colder in South Texas than it was in NYC. I'm freezing one day and sunburned the next- no wonder all of our kids are getting sick. The more I thought about a theme for my chart, weather just seemed like the logical choice, and it really makes perfect sense when you start connecting it to behavior. When I'm having a great day, I feel "over the rainbow" and when I'm having an awful day, "stormy" is a pretty good description of how I feel.

I decided to make each section a full page, because I really wanted it to be prominent in the classroom.  Behavior is a big deal, so I really wanted them to be able to see the chart clearly and take notice of where they are at any given moment.  I have mine hanging right at the front of the room on the dry erase board.

You can check it out in my TPT store, by clicking below:


  1. Hi,
    I recently purchased this through the tpt sight and for some reason it isnt printing. Is there any ideas on this? Is there some other way for it to be sent to me?

    Thanks so Much!

  2. Hi Sheila,
    That's so strange! If you e-mail me at totallyterrificintexas@gmail.com, I can send it directly to you. Hopefully that solves the problem.
    Thanks a bunch!