13 May 2012

Choosing Caps

So, this is yet another way to recycle baby food jar lids.  This is my alternative to choosing sticks.  If you saw my post on Mother's Day parent gifts,  you'll notice I've found yet another use for the oodles of baby food jar lids I've been saving.  I really loved the colorful Mother's Day magnets and wanted something similar for my classroom. I've always used popsicle sticks to make choosing sticks, but I have to make a new set every year with new names.  Each of my students is assigned a number at the beginning of the year, so I just put colorful numbers on the inside of each cap and can draw a number instead of a name.  I figured they'll also make great math manipulatives, as well! Click here for the pattern.  You have to download the document in order for the numbers to show up with the correct font. 

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