19 May 2012

End of Year Craft

I can't believe the end of the year is nearly here.  This year seemed to fly by.  The last day for most of my students will be this Friday, and I wanted them to have a fun craft to take home with them on the last day of school.  I was watching Nick Jr. with my toddler the other day, and saw a cute fish craft using a soda bottle.  I also had seen a cute label from a fellow blogger and had to use the idea to make a cute tag for our fish craft. You can see her original label idea here. We'll glue the tag on the bottom of our fish.  We've been talking about fish in science so my kiddos will be able to make connections to the fish diagrams we made in class.  Hopefully they will remember the names of the different fins!  The completed fish craft will look like this:



  1. I love this! I'm pinning it so I can do it next year. You are so clever and a fellow Texas teacher to boot! I am joining your blog right now!
    Patti :)
    A Series of 3rd Grade Events

  2. Love this idea and would like to do it for our end of the year party! Is there any way we could get your template? My e-mail is natalie.cook@kellerisd.net
    Thank you!

  3. would love template.ming1@ec.rr.com
    thanks Nancy