01 May 2012

Butterfly Lifecycle

We have been learning all about life cycles.  We watched our class caterpillar form his chrysalis and then turn into a beautiful butterfly.  We actually missed the last part, but they still enjoyed observing our new class visitor.  We put all the butterflies for our grade level together in one habitat, and they observed them for a few days before it was time to release them.  We used the printable below to illustrate the butterfly life cycle.  Check out their butterflies below-love the colors!  I saw a similar idea at another great blog- First Grade Best.  She used construction paper for her butterflies.  Check hers out here.

Click image below to get the FREEBIE.


  1. I love your butterfly and your blog! I am following!
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  2. Just found your blog! It's fabulous! I really like all of the resources you have posted. I'm headed to your TpT store to get the Comprehension Ice Cream Scoops now to use in my classroom next year. I've been looking for a visual to keep me on track with teaching all the strategies and this is perfect :-) Check out my little blog whenever you get a chance.


  3. This is a perfect project to put on my new shirt "Science Making Connections". Have you seen it? Got to my ScienceWear.net page and click on ordering information and you will see the design. I am working on a page with examples of how the design can be used for different cycles: life cycles, water cycle, photosynthesis, food webs, etc.