08 May 2012

Mother's Day

We have been busy bees getting ready for Mother's Day.  Every year I'm brainstorming new ideas for Mother's Day gifts from my students.  I never seem to stay with an idea more than 1 year.  But, this year may be different.  I really love how our fridge magnets turned out this year.  I'd say it's a keeper, but I used baby food jar lids and my toddler will most likely be moving on to big boy food.  I've been saving the lids because I just knew I could come up with some way to use them in the classroom.  I seem to say that about everything! I had seen an idea on Pinterest about making matching games using the lids and that sparked the magnet idea.  I used 3 lids for each student, and simply attached a magnet to the back.  They really turned out cute.  My toddler has been playing with them all night, so hopefully my parents love them as much as he does. 

I found this super cute way of wrapping simply using a baggy and scrapbook paper from a crafty blog.  Mine aren't nearly as fancy as hers, but they'll have to do :).  I just used plain cardstock and typed my message at the top.