21 March 2012

Good Writers...

We continued with Small Moment Stories today.  Today's read aloud was, The Shortcut by Donald Crews.  It's a perfect book to use as a model for Small Moment Stories.  As we read, students started noticing things like onomatopoeia, descriptive language, etc.   We created a chart today titled, Good Writers often...

Good Writers Often


  1. Love this chart. Just curious, I see that you are teaching this unit in March, isn't small moments one of Lucy's first lessons/units? I would be interested in seeing how you organize her lessons/units. I am new to her and still a little lost as to when to teach what.

  2. You are absolutely right, Small moments are one of Lucy's first units. I used to plan these early in the year, but our district has recently revamped our scope and sequence and this has really altered when we teach the various units. The drive in our district has been towards teaching more expository at the beginning of the year in second grade. Expository is a more difficult genre than narrative writing, so it has helped our students become better writers.