24 March 2012

Reading Strategies

The one item in my classroom that I think I refer to the most often and am most in love with would be my Scoop on Comprehension visual. I have it hanging at the front of my room near the carpet where I do read alouds. Each scoop is labeled with either a reading skill or strategy. I teach them all very early in the year. Throughout the year, we refer to each of the different colored scoops as we utilize the skill or strategy in our reading. By the end of the year, my students have a real and deep understanding of all these reading skills and strategies because we refer to them several times per day across the disciplines. You can find all 15 scoops at my teacher store at Teachers Pay Teachers. There is also a  mini scoop page that contains all the scoops on one page.   I have my students color each of the scoops the correct color to match the large class cone. There is also a 2 page handout that students can use as a reference page.  It gives a description of each of the skills and strategies.  I also use the scoop below in stations to reinforce the skills/strategies. For instance, I may have them write fact/opinion on their scoop and then write 2 facts and 2 opinions. Or I may have them write Ask Questions and they would write 4 unanswered questions they had as they read the story. The handout is open ended and could be used for any of the scoops.
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  1. Looooove this! I'm going to check out your store. I just joined your blog. I'd love if you would follow mine too! I'm a newbie to blogging too.


  2. I just found one of your pictures on Pinterest! I'm loving all of your ideas and seeing pictures of your classroom. I'm your newest follower! :)

    Tales of An Elementary Teacher

  3. I love your blog, great ideas! thanks for share it! Regards from Mexico!

  4. Way proud of your technological journey. Love your blog and all of the wonderful ideas you are sharing. So glad I get to see the real thing and the impact it makes on your lucky 2nd graders. Keep it up. SD

  5. I love this idea! It is a great visual for students to remind them of the strategies that have been taught, but it doesn't take up tons of space in the room. This is great for teachers that don't have lots of space to hang things up.

  6. such a great idea!!! thanks for sharing!

  7. Would you be willing to share your ice cream scoops for all the comprehension strategies? I would LOVE them! Thank you!!
    2nd Grade Teacher

  8. You can get all the scoops at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. The link is on my homepage. I just printed them on colored paper.

  9. I was so excited about this idea that I blogged about it! I hope you don't mind.
    Patti :)
    A Series of 3rd Grade Events

  10. Not at all! Thanks for sharing it! I can't wait to check out your blog :)

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