27 March 2012

Small Moments

We are continuing to work on Small Moment Stories from Lucy Calkin's Units of Study.  We are having a great time storytelling. This is a picture of an anchor chart we created. We are taking large watermelon topics and pulling out the "small moment" seeds. They wrote their small moment ideas on post-its and we discussed whether their topics were watermelon or seed topics. After several read alouds and sharing stories from my own life, they are finally starting to see the importance of zooming into that smaller moment. This also gets them away from writing stories that are merely lists and moves them towards writing stories about a moment in time.



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  2. I use Lucy's curriculum too. This is a great tool for them to better understand the seed idea. Thanks. (I'm following now. Thanks for letting me join you.)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  3. I am getting observe on Monday and I want to use this idea, how did the lesson went with your class.