29 March 2012

Story Snapshot

I decided to create a Story Snapshot pocket chart as a visual reminder for students of the key elements of the stories we're reading in class.  I have incorporated the Ice-Cream Scoop Skills/Strategies that I posted a picture of earlier.  I ran off an extra set to use in my pocket chart. I think it's so important to make connections as much as possible.The genre signs are the same signs I have hanging from my genre tree in my Book Nook.  I LOVE them.  They are so bright and colorful.  I purchased them from Really Good Stuff.  The images on the Theme signs I found on-line a long time ago and I'm still trying to locate the site because her posters are great.  I will add a link if I happen to come across it. The themes included are- Be a Good Friend, Be Yourself, Kindness, Responsibility, Sharing, Teamwork, and Try New Things. At the bottom of the chart is my Making Words Station.  I try to choose a word that connects to the story of the week.  Each week I change out the letters and they use the form below.

Click the image above to get the FREEBIE. 


  1. Where do you get your fonts from-they're so cute! I love the idea of this pocket chart!!

  2. Thanks! These fonts are from Lettering Delights. They have so many cute fonts to choose from. This font in particular is called Funky Chunky.