17 March 2012

Texas Fractured Fairy Tales

For Texas Public Schools' Week, we talked all about Fairy Tales and Fractured Fairy Tales. Of course, we used fractured fairy tales with a Texas spin- like Bubba the Cowboy Prince to go along with Cinderella and The Cowboy and the Black-Eyed Pea to go along with The Princess and the Pea. Here are a few pics from the inside of our booklets. I'll take more pics and post them soon.

*** I'm returning to this post a year later because I FINALLY added this unit to my TPT store.  The documents won't look exactly like these, I did a lot of updating!  However, the Comparison Graphic Organizer above, is still the same.  It's an oldie, but goody.  I just had to keep it the same.  I was not able to include the gingerbread story, because that would be a total copyright infringement.  I'm just going to read the trade book instead, even better! (I'm going to have to display the book on the Smartboard though, so we can still highlight rhyming words.)

Here is the link to my TPT store, if you'd like to check it out. 

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