19 March 2012


This is a more recent picture of my station pocket chart.  I added the ABC station this year (it's the icon with the orange background), and it's made such a difference with alphabetizing.  I like this form because it gives me flexibility when choosing words.  Some weeks I may have them use their spelling words. Other weeks, I may have them use vocabulary words or word wall words.  When we did our weather unit, they used weather words.  The ABC station with the red background is my Word Study station.  They have a specific activity they complete for each day of the week.  I posted a pic of the Word Study poster below.

Click the images above and below to get the FREEBIES.


  1. Absolutely love your work and ideas! Was curious about your word study and wondered if you would share what you do with rainbow spelling and tangled tuesday-thanks:)

  2. Thanks a bunch! I added the Rainbow Spelling page I use to this post. For Tangled Tues., we simply scramble our spelling words and students have to untangle them. There may be websites that will do this for you, but we do it the old fashioned way by typing it up ourselves. I like to use puzzlemaker.com to create the crosswords.